BIG BANG ambassadors

BIG BANG ambassadors are children that are involved in the festival as festival reporters. They are the 'face' of the festival and reflect on the artistic content. They attend rehearsals and performances, interview artists and visitors, post live information about the festival via social media and also welcome, guide and advise the audience.

Have a look at our BIG BANG ambassadors videos below!


BIG BANG Ottawa 2021 *online edition*

Tallinn ambassadors get a visit from Silver Sepp

BIG BANG Tallinn 2019

BIG BANG ambassadors Rouen 2019

BIG BANG Rouen 2019

Meet our Icelandic ambassadors

BIG BANG Reykjavík 2020 *postponed*

Visit to HUSH rehearsals

BIG BANG Antwerp 2020 *postponed*
BIG BANG Brussels 2020 *postponed*
BIG BANG Ghent 2020 *postponed*
BIG BANG Lille 2020 *cancelled*
BIG BANG Rouen 2020 *cancelled*